How To Find A Guarantor For A Loan

Getting a loan is very helpful in a number of different financial scenarios. Whether you are looking to purchase a new home or buy a car, a loan can get you where you need to be. In some cases, people do not qualify for loans without a guarantor. This post offers tips for finding a loan guarantor.

First, it is important to understand what a guarantor is before attempting to find a guarantor for a loan. This is a person who co-signs a loan application for you, and they are held equally responsible for the loan. A guarantor needs to have good credit history, and in some cases, they may need to meet a certain income level. The criteria are determined by each individual loan company.

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There are various people that you can ask to co-sign a loan for you. Some examples may include:

-        a family member

-        your husband or wife

-        your significant other

-        a trusted friend or roommate

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Choosing Someone Reliable

The person you pick should be a reliable individual. They need to have a history of making smart financial decisions. This means that they should be up to date on their own house payments, car payments, and so on. If the person has defaulted on a loan or made numerous late payments, they may be ineligible to sign as a guarantor.

Choose Someone Trustworthy

Additionally, you need to have a significant amount of trust in the person you ask. They are contractually involved in your financial life, so reliability is important. For example, say you are in a serious accident and cannot make your loan payment on time for a month or two. You need a guarantor that can and will cover you until you are able to make payments again.

This goes both ways - they need to be confident in your ability to pay your loan in a timely manner. If you have a history of financial irresponsibility, you need to prove that this has changed. Present your proposition in a well thought out manner, include details, and offer proof of your ability to repay the loan. This may increase the likelihood of the individual agreeing to help you.

You may have to ask more than one person before you find a guarantor. Be patient and continue to present your case in an honest, professional manner. This is the ideal way to build a solid agreement, and you can successfully obtain the loan you need.

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